Year 6 2018 - 2019

Mr Jackson

Welcome to Year 6!

We have an exciting term planned with our term's theme, A Brave New World. Check out the theme webs below for further information on what we will be investigating and learning about this term. After our work on the Maya Civilisation, we will now be moving onto World War One. In this we will be exploring some of the following:

- Historical stories including Private Peaceful, War Horse and Poppy Field.

- The impact of World War One across the globe.

- Remembrance Day artwork.

- Wartime songs and chants. 

- The gruesome effects of trench foot.



The World at War

Have a closer look at the information and video clips below relating to World War One.

BBC Bitesize KS2 History

Click the link below to take an interactive journey through World War One.

BBC Rewind - Armistice Day

Can you survive in the trenches? What is your fastest time? (Flash player required)

National Archives Trench Experience


See our collection of World War One words and terminology below.

Below is a verse we recorded from the World War One song 'Hanging on the old barbed wire'. We practised each of the verses whilst marching around the classroom and have begun creating our own versions in lesson. 

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