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Welcome to Mottram Academy Nursery.

The Foundation Stage covers development from birth to 5 years and in September 2017 we extended our provision to include children who are already 3 into our newly established Foundation Stage Unit. The children play and learn together in our well organised and enticing environment under the guidance of experienced and nurturing staff alongside our school starters in Reception.

Play is children’s work; it is natural, essential and instinctive. Children have different learning styles and with a carefully organised learning environment we support each child’s strengths to enable them to become brave and confident learners.

The morning and afternoon sessions take a similar format. The children are able to choose where they would like to learn, both indoors and out, developing their communication skills and making new friendships along the way. The children are encouraged to join in with adult led play-based activities appropriate to their level of understanding and development. These help them learn to share and take turns within a smaller group.  

Your child will be nurtured, supported and encouraged to explore new experiences and build friendships within a happy, positive environment and all their achievements will be valued.  Your children will enjoy an environment in which they feel safe and happy.  We will always be keen to hear about their experiences outside Nursery, so feel free to share these with us.  Similarly, please do not hesitate to talk to any member of staff with any concerns or queries. 

The government is introducing a new Early Years curriculum which is statutory from September 2021. From September 2020, schools were invited to become ‘early adopters’ of this new curriculum and we chose to be amongst them. Having had that year to become familiar with the new expectations, we are confident in our delivery of an exciting year ahead. Even though the curriculum has changed, the quality of our expectations hasn’t!

Kind regards,

Caroline Richmond and the Foundation Stage Team

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