Reception 2021 - 2022

Mrs Richmond

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In Reception we spend the first few weeks of the autumn term getting to know each other and becoming familiar with the school expectations and routines. We find out each other’s names and interests and develop friendships with one another, whilst becoming aware of the seasonal changes around us.

Our days are very busy, packed with play based learning opportunities and we love it when our hard work is rewarded, especially if we are brave and have a go at something new.

We have an enticing learning environment where we can follow our own lines of enquiry, whilst also working on specific Areas of Learning such as maths and literacy activities.

Once we have settled and know each other a little, our interests will guide the learning opportunities provided, adapting the environment as appropriate. During the autumn term there are several festivals and celebrations to enjoy, including Hallowe’en, Bonfire night and Diwali and, of course, Christmas. We will incorporate these into our learning.

We enjoy daily phonics lessons and afternoon reading activities, including our daily Book Club: after sharing a class story, we help the children to develop their reading skills whilst enjoying a shared text in a small group twice per week. As these skills progress, more challenging texts will be offered, having been carefully differentiated for each child and group of children. We ask for your support in helping develop your child’s reading skills with regular reading at home. It is important that s/he receives a breadth of reading materials in order for him/her to fully consolidate and apply the skills s/he needs in his/her later learning. They bring their reading books home every day, with the opportunity of changing it each time their reading record is signed to show they have read at home. Thank you ☺

We use Tapestry as a means of evidencing the children’s learning and for you, the parents to see what really goes on at school! We pride ourselves in the positive relationships we develop with each child and their family to help the first year at school be as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

Any questions, pop and ask or send an email to

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