About Us

Mottram St Andrew Primary Academy opened on its current site in 1908.  Our catchment area is the parish of Mottram St. Andrew, but children travel from a wide area to attend our wonderful school. 

Due to our record of success, we were the first primary academy in Cheshire East.  Academies are state schools which get their funding directly from the Government.  This gives us greater flexibility to best meet the needs of our children. 

We currently have 178 children in school with eight single-age classes, including a Nursery class.  Our Governing Body have recently agreed to increase our class size from 24 to 26.  This maintains the benefits of a smaller than usual class size, but enables us to better meet local demand.  This means that we currently have a small number of places in some of our classes.  If you are interested in a place and would like to arrange a tour of our school then please contact us:


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