Reading books: will be sent home every night to be shared with you for just a few minutes. As the year progresses and they are able to read words for themselves, they will be able to read the books to you and it will take a little longer. Please send your child's book in every day even if they haven't read at home as it may be a day that they read in class and it can be recorded in their reading record. Thank you.

Please note - If the books they bring home seem 'easy' that's good as we want them to develop a love of reading and a confidence with books. Once they are off the starting blocks and have a few simple strategies under their belt they will begin to read more difficult books in school whilst still bringing home 'easier' texts. 

If they develop a favourite book that they really want to bring home time and again, that's good too. However I do understand that you may not share their enthusiasm for it after a while! In which case I compromise by encouraging them to choose a new book whilst still bringing their favourite home.

The following will be set every Friday to be completed over the weekend:

Phonics: a simple activity for them to complete, reinforcing the sounds/tricky words we have focused on each week.

Maths will be on the Mathletics website. Simply log onto www.mathletics.com and each week's assigned activity will be there.

The tasks are intended to support the children's learning so they should be able to complete the activities confidently.

Any questions, pop and ask.


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