Important Reminders

Below is a timetable to show when homework is given and needs to be completed by and when P.E. kits are needed.

Monday - Cricket coaching - Have I got my P.E. kit?

Tuesday - Have I started my homework? What do I have left to do?


Thursday - Time to hand in my homework. 

Friday - Swimming lessons - Have I got my kit? Homework is set. Spellings are tested.

Please ensure all P.E. and extra-curricular club kits are labelled and kept organised. There is an ever-growing collection of lost property in school which if not collected, will be used for my new bike/early retirement fund.

Taking the time to listen to your child read, spending time reading to them and asking questions about the book plays a key role in developing their reading and comprehension skills even in Year 6. It has a hugely beneficial impact on your child's learning, understanding and progress; I highly recommend finding time, whenever possible, to do this. There are a wealth of books available at local libraries, charity stores and online. 


Finding it tricky to get hooked into reading? Click the picture above for access to Epic!, a digital library providing access to thousands of different books.

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